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Frozen Fish

We offer a range of high-quality frozen fish in large container-sized quantities.

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Fresh Fish

A variety of fresh fish, from our market located in Osaka. Can be shipped directly to our customers overseas.

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We deal in over 60,000 seafood products. This varies from a range of processed foods, canned and more.

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About us

We are an experienced exporter of frozen seafood caught in Japan. We deal directly with Japanese fisheries, with percentage shares in their catches so we always have fish to offer. We mainly export container-sized quantities, at peak around 250 containers a month shipped. Our main export is Frozen Pacific Mackerel, but we also supply Yellowtail, Sardine, Green Mullet, and much more.

Our mission is to bring Japanese fisheries quality catches to the global stage. We do this by creating partnerships with reliable fisheries around Japan and assure quality with our in-house inspections of their products. With our international sales team, we export those products to our partners around the world.

We have been doing this for a long time. Established in 1939, Daisui has become one of the biggest seafood sellers in Japan.  Since 2009 we have been exporting containers of frozen fish worldwide, that's over 40,000MT yearly.

Not just Frozen fish, but we deal in over 60,000 seafood products at Daisui, we believe that we have the opportunity to bring Japanese seafood culture to the world and invite you to be part of it.

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We have been supplying Japanese businesses since our establishment in 1939 and from 2009 exporting worldwide.

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Message from our Export Manager

Dengyoku Son

Export Manager

On a global scale, the fishing industry is undergoing major changes.

Challenges the Industry faces:

    Information is fast, but inefficient
    Profit is thin, but risk is high
    Market is changing fast, but adapting and innovating is slow

Over the last few years, many of our partners in the fishing industry have found these challenges difficult. We aim to change this and help our partners succeed with us. It has been 10 years since we began exporting, but we have maintained an average annual growth rate of over 30%. It may not be a secret, but I want to share the valuable part with my partners.

Now the flow of information is getting faster, and so is the flow of communication. However, it is often a big obstacle for stable and secure trade.  For us we accurately collect and judge information at all stages and areas such as landing volume, production volume, quality, transportation, customs clearance, consumption area information, market price fluctuations in international countries, etc. This gives us the bigger picture and helps us, and our partners develop.

It can be very risky connecting new trading commodities, products, regions, companies, sales methods, etc., but it is valuable and necessary to do so. One of the key reasons for low profits is the lack of creative services, services that add value. By approaching our customers and proactively building the services they really need, we can all continue to grow and grow.

In this current information society, changes and systems that would take over 10 years can now often be accomplished in 1-2 years. Therefore, quick response and a flexible attitude are very important. However, even more important is how to firmly establish trust in the supply chain. It is no exaggeration to say that trade can only be achieved if there is a relationship of trust, and sustainable growth go hand in hand with developing that relationship of trust.

We strive to always gain and maintain the trust of our suppliers and customers, and aim for long-term growth potential, and build a better future together with our partners.


We began working with Daisui in 2014. We did not believe that we could sell so much Mackerel overseas. However, Daisui team were always positive and enthusiastic about selling our product internationally. At first, we sold our items in unbranded boxes, but Daisui encourage us to start selling with our brand on our boxes, so we began to put the YAMADA JAPAN BRAND on our white boxes. When we went to the Seafood Expo in Brussels, we saw that there were customers wanting our brand pacifically. This made us very happy and confident in the power of our brand internationally. We want to keep on developing the Yamada Brand and expanding its overseas market share and working hard with Daisui we believe we can achieve this.

Abe Cho Ofunato Foods has been dealing with Daisui's export manager Mr. Son for 10 years. At the beginning we dealt with just mackerel, but now we are dealing with the over 13 fish species. Most of the fish landed on fixed nets or winding nets are now sent for export (some domestic processing), so most of the fish prices at the market price are high. Daisui is clear with communicating the export market price, so there is no chance of a purchase loss. Since we are exporting mixed fish species, we can export small lots of many species, so we have available stock every day. Every year our business dealings with Daisui are increasing and now they deal with over half our inventory and company profit comes from exporting with Daisui. Every year they visit us 7 times and are always in contact over the phone exchanging information and marketing conditions to help us. I feel that Daisui thinks about its partners first when it comes to business. We are always trying to improve our brand so we can be confident is exporting high quality that we can be proud of. We want to do this while working with Daisui.

We began trading with Daisui 9 years ago. At the beginning we dealt with 1000 tons with them, however now that about is 7,000 tons. From this this year Daisui will be dealing with 100 percent of our exports. This is because we like Daisui systems and how it handles its business. They also put the fisheries and shippers first. If we were to describe Daisui in one word it would that they are a TRUSTWORTHY PARTNER. We are thankful to all the Daisui export team.

Giá cả cạnh tranh,Chăm sóc khách hàng rất tốt, Daisui hỗ trợ khách hàng hết mình, trước khi bán hàng lẫn sau bán hàng Luôn đảm bảo chất lượng sản phẩm, thời gian giao hàng đúng hạn.

After Kesennuma Food was restored, There were almost no exports overseas, however now thanks to Daisui’s Mr. Son, our exports have risen greatly.

Working with Daisui

    Always gives accurate information on export quotas on the morning landing status
      ・ They understand the landing status nationwide and share information
      ・ They handle mackerel-based sales to multiple fish species such as Inada, sardines, and quail
      ・ They deal with all size composition so we are no risk of any loss
      ・ The items are collected and shipped quickly after it is purchased and manufactured.
      ・They not only knowledgeable but are always positive about business matters, making them easy to work with.

    Easy to handle

      ・ Everyone at Daisui responds quickly
      ・ They are great fun to work

    I will continue working with Daisui and Mr. Son for many years to come.

    Doing the right thing, at the right time.


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    Market trends are gearing towards shipping and freight among emerging global markets. Resulting in many opportunities for Japanese exports.

    If you have any queries about our services or products, then please dont hesitate to contact us!

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