Checking our Suppliers

We visit all our partner fisheries to assure their quality and practices are in accordance with Daisui standards. We choose the fisheries that can freeze their catches as quickly as possible. We do this by assuring the distance of there factories to shore and by time from catch to freeze.


In house inspection processes

We check all the catches we sell with in house testing from 10kg to 15kg sample sent from the fishery.

  • 1) We check the quality of the packaging and weight
  • 2) Next the weight of each fish is recorded, this data is then used to estimate the average weight of the fish.
  • 3) We then inspect the fish checking the eye color, firmness and color of the gills.
  • 4) Then we check the insides of the fish, checking its quality and if there is any stomach feed.



Finally, all of the information is collected and turned into a final report with photos available for our customers. We make sure the data is accurate and easy to read so you can be confident in your purchase with us.