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Seriola quinqueradiata

SIZES: 100-300g,300-500g,500-1000g 1000-1500g, 1500+

CARTON: Plain, Branded


Yellowtail is caught year-round in Japan. With peak catching starting in late summer. Also fat content being best during the Japanese winter.  For us, at Daisui we can offer the best-known brands in Japan, but also plain cartons too in large container amounts.


Check Carton 

We check the carton's weight and quality. This includes checking the inner warping. Checking if it is fully wrapped or partially wrapped.


Weight Inspection

We check the individual weight of each fish while checking if any other fish have been mixed in. This gives us a more accurate size of the fish we are selling.


Quality check

We check the quality of the fish. Checking the meat, stomach feed, smell, if with roe or no roe and checking for any other problems. Photos are also taken of all the fish we check.


Data turned into inspection report 

After all inspections are complete, we turn the data into an inspection report. We share these reports to our customers so they know the quality of the goods they are getting. 

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